The Original, Most Effective Answer
for Fast, Easy, Efficient Chopping

Comfortable, Weighted Handle, Does Most of the Work
for You to Cut Cleanly in One Stroke
Super-Sharp, Stainless Steel, Interchangeable Cutting Grids let You
Perform  6-Operations with (1) Machine,
Including (4)-(6)-and (8)-Section Wedging

Built for Years of Reliable Performance

             Model                                                     Description          
            55500-1                                                    1/4" Cut           
            55500-2                                                     3/8" Cut       
            55500-3                                                     1/2" Cut       
            Optional                                                         Accessories
            55727-4                                                 4-Section Wedge Cut      
            55727-6                                                 6-Section Wedge Cut
            55727-8                                                 8-Section Wedge Cut


 Mightier Model
Specially Designed for Your BIG Veggies!
Large 4-1/4" Square Cutting Area
(almost 50% More than the Easy Chopper)
Saves You Time & Labor
Minimizies the Need to Precut Foods

Versatile: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Chopper/Slicer

Best of All
The Easily Interchangeable Blade
with Flawless Consistency
Beautiful Presentation

1/3 x 2" Deep Food Pan
2qt. Round Container Fits Underneath

Built to Last in the Toughest Commercial Environment

             Model                                                                        Description                         
            56500-1                                                                  1/4" Square Cut        
            56500-2                                                                  3/8" Square Cut
            56500-3                                                                  1/2" Square Cut
            56500-5                                                                  1/4" Thick Slice
            56500-6                                                                  3/8" Thick Slice
            56500-7                                                                  1/2" Thick Slice
           Optional                                                                       Accessories
           56727-6W                                                                6-Section Wedge Kit
           56727-8W                                                                8-Section Wedge Kit


Save Labor and Cut Perfect Wedges Every Time!
Cuts Cleanly and Precisely with
Stainless Steel Blades that Minimize Bruising

Works so Fast, You Can Cut to Order
for the Freshest Selections Possible

Built for Years of Reliable Performance

Eight Section Cores and Wedges at Once

              Model                                                          Description                            
            55550-4                                                     4-Section Wedge                    
            55550-6                                                     6-Section Wedge
            55550-8                                                     8-Section Wedge                  
            55550-8C                                                    8-Section Corer


Cuts Mounds of Crisp, Fresh Lettuce in Seconds

Process a Whole Head of Cored Lettuce at a Time

Scalloped Blades and Clean Slicing Action cut 1" Squares
No Crushing and No Bruising

Interlocked Blades Avoid Flexing
Replaceable Blades for Long Life: No Tensioning Required

Cleanup is Easy. Just Pull (1) Pin to Remove Pusher Block
Clip-on Blade Assembly Lifts out Easily

Angled, Cast Aluminum Legs with Non-Slip Feet
Provide Stable Cutting Platform
Manual Locking Pin Keeps Pusher Block Safely in Place
Until Operator Releases for Cutting

Slicing Blade Assembly Available


       Model                                                                                     Description             
       55650                                                                           1" x 1" (Square Lettuce)       
       55650-1                                                                           1/2" Slice (Melon)
       55650-CS                                                                         3/8" Slice (Chicken)
       55650-2                                                                        1" x 2" Slice (Romaine)
     Optional                                                                                     Accessories
       55491                                                        Easy LettuceKutter Support Board w/Opening           

Gives You the Authentic Cut that Lets You Serve Today's
Most Profitable, Great-Tasting Appetizers

(for a Return of 700% or more)


 Produces These High Profit Specialties
Fast and "OH", So Easy

Just 1-Stroke Turns a Colossal Onion
Into a Colossal, Flowering Favorite
Then Batter, Bread and Deep Fry

Adapter Base Lets you use Smaller Onions as Well

Sturdy, All-Metal Construction for Long Life

Ask About Merchandising Tools for Instant Table Top Promotions

             Model                                                          Description         
            55700                                                         Onion Cutter
            55513                                                 Large Core Cutter 2-3/4"                  
            55526                                                   Small Onion Adapter
            55527                                                Small Core Cutter 1-3/4"


Unique Top-Down Drive
to Slice all Kinds of Vegetables and Fruits
Quickly and Easily in just one Smooth Stroke

It's the Ideal Cutting tool
Colossal Onions and Firm Tomatoes

There's No Waste, just Perfect Slices Every Time

Unique Multitiered Blade Assembly Cuts Without
Squeezing or Bruising

Built for Years of Reliable Performance

Pusher Assembly Comes off
Easy Cleaning-Just Pull (1) Pin

Process up to 4" Diameter Onions

              Model                                              Description         
            55750-1                                             3/16" Slice
            55750-2                                             1/4" Slice                    
            55750-3                                             3/8" Slice
            55750-4                                             1/2" Slice

Fast, Fresh Sliced Garnishes, Salad Toppings, Apetizers,
Soup Starters and More!

It Makes Mounds of Perfect Slices in Just one Labor-Saving Stroke
Faster than Knives or Scissors

Razor-Sharp Blades are Individually Replaceable

Wall-Mount Design Saves Valuable Counter Space

                  Model                               Description           
                 55250A                               3/16" Cut                    



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