Stainless Steel Cookware with Induction Core Bottoms

All stainless steel cookware is constructed of 18-8 stainless steel.
A (5mm) thick aluminum disk is attached to the bottom of the pot to efficiently distribute the heat and prevent scorching. The aluminum disk also has a (5mm) stainless steel protector plate to eliminate marking of work surfaces.


Stainless Steel Stock Pots w/Cover
Induction Core Bottom

 8qt  12qt  16qt  
20qt  24qt 32qt 
35qt  40qt 60qt 


Stainless Steel Sauce Pans
Induction Core Bottom
Hollow Handle

     2qt, 2-5/8qt, 3-1/2qt  
4-1/2qt, 5qt, 7-5/8qt, 10qt 

Stainless Steel Fry Pans
Induction Core Bottom
Hollow Handle

8" 10" 12" 14" 

Cool Handles
Removable Silicone Rubber

Small   Medium Large 


Aluminum Stock Pots
3/16" Thick

 8qt 12qt  16qt 
20qt 24qt 32qt
35qt 40qt 60qt


Heavy Duty Aluminum Stock Pots
1/4" Thick

12qt  16qt  20qt 24qt 
30qt 32qt 40qt60qt 

Aluminum Sauce Pans

1qt,  2-1/2qt,  3-1/2qt , 4-1/2qt 
  5qt, 7qt, 10qt


3004 Aluminum Fry Pans 
Chrome Plated Steel handle

7"  8"  10"  12"  14" 

3004 Aluminum Fry Pan
Quantum 2 Coated
Chrome Plated Steel Handle

8"   10" 12"  14" 


3004 Aluminum Fry Pan
Eclipse Coated
Chrome Plated Steel Handle

8"  10"  12"  14" 

Aluminum Portioning Pasta Pot
4-Stainless Steel baskets
w/Permanently Molded Cool Handles 


Stainless Steel Bulk Pasta Pot
Induction Core Bottom
w/Stainless Steel Basket and Cover


Aluminum Baking Pan

18" x 26" x 2-1/2" deep 

Aluminum Double Boiler

8qt  12qt  16qt  20qt 

Fry Basket

8" round  9" round  11" round 

Aluminum Perforated Basket

16qt  20qt 

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