About Us

Working with TNT Food Service Equipment you not only get the correct equipment item available to fit your needs and your budget, but also the experience and reliability only found with a distributor who has been in the equipment business for over 30 years.

At TNT Food Service Equipment we are dedicated to having equipment knowledge
and providing customer service.
If we are not your first choice for all your equipment supply needs,
we will definitely be your best choice.

TNT Food Service Equipment is proud to be an equipment supplier to many bars, churches, convenience stores, fire departments, restaurants, hotels, pizza shops,
specialty food stores, concessionaires, and others.

Recently we celebrated our 30th anniversary, and would like to thank all of our loyal customers for helping make this milestone possible

Our goal is to provide you with the best equipment available while continuing to meet your budget needs.

Also, to go along with the new equipment, we have reconditioned equipment, and also a large inventory of small wares, such as Stainless Steel and Aluminum Stock Pots & Pans, Fry Pans, Ladles, Whips, Turners and on and on.

    DELIVERY SERVICE: Available for those items, too large for you to handle.
    FINANCING AVAILABLE: Contact us for more information. 

e-mail: tntequipment@comcast.net

HOURS: Monday thru Friday  8:00 am until 4:30 pm EST



Q:  Why should I use TNT Food Service Equipment as my supplier?
 A: With more than 30 years experience, TNT is a trusted leader in the Pennsylvania food equipment  industry. We are a large stocking dealer with employees who are ready to help you. 
  TNT has delivery service available in our local area, using our own truck and man-power. Outside our local area, equipment can be delivered by UPS or common carrier.

 TNT also has a large inventory of replacement parts. If we do not have it in stock, we will get it for you.

  If you do not service your own equipment, TNT has service technicians that will.

QIs TNT open to the public? 
 A: Yes we are. TNT deals with anyone who needs our services. For the general public, we have a large inventory of small wares (stainless steel fry pans, stainless steel sauce pans) and so much more. Just come on in and browse around. I think you will be impressed.
 Q: I do my own repair work. Can I buy parts from TNT?
 A: Yes you can. TNT has a large inventory of parts.
 Q: Sometimes when I do my own repair work, I am not sure of exactly what is causing the problem. What can you do for me?
 A: TNT has experienced technicians on staff. Just give us a call, 412-856-4777 and someone will try to help you with your problem.
 Q: I am opening a new restaurant. Will TNT help me design my kitchen?
 A: Yes we will. TNT has a lot of experience in kitchen design.
 Q: I am moving my pizza shop to a new location, several miles from where it is located now. Can TNT help me get this done?
 A: TNT has been moving equipment for over 30 years. We can empty your existing location, transport the equipment to your new location, and place all the equipment where you want it. Everything will be ready for your plumber and electrician to do the final connections.
 Q: I am thinking of opening up a restaurant and I am in need of a hood. What can you do?
 A: TNT has been supplying kitchen ventilation systems for over 23-years. Kitchen ventilation systems have a lot of codes to comply with when they are installed. We not only supply these systems, we installation them as well.
 Q: I have 4 refrigerators that I use for food storage. I don't think they are very economical to operate, would a walk-in refrigerator be better?
 A: Yes, TNT sells and installs walk-in refrigerators, walk-in freezers or walk-in refrigerator/freezer combination units. These can be either indoors or outdoors. We have sizes available to fit any of your space requirements.
 Q: I am re-designing my Pizza shop. When I move all the equipment, I have a space that requires a work table that is only 54" long. I looked everywhere, but only found standard sizes. Where can I get this special size?
 A: TNT is capable on having this table manufactured for you. As a matter of fact, we can have almost any stainless steel item manufactured. We have built special size work tables, sinks and counters for years. TNT can fulfill any of your special needs.


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