The One Slicer You Need to Make Fast,
Easy Work of Most Fruits and Vegetables

Unique, Adjustable Stainless Steel Blade Provides a Full Range
of Slicing Options,from 1/16" to 1/2"
in Thickness for
Extra Versatility and Convenience

Simply Turn the Thumbscrew Control to
Lock in Your Setting on the Easy-to-Read Calibrated Guage

Use with NEMCO Mounting Base (Sold Separately) for
a Secure Workstation
Easy Removal for Cleaning and Storage

Fixed Blade Units are Available

Optional Shredding Plates Fit All Units

          Model                                                         Description 
        55200AN                                                    Adjustable Cut 
        55200AN-1                                                3/16"  Shredder  
        55200AN-2                                                 5/16" Shredder
         Optional                                                        Accessories
        55257                                                       Sharpening Stone
        55263-1                                                   3/16" Shredder Plate   
        55263-2                                                   5/16" Shredder Plate
        55816                                                           Portable Base

A Full Size Machine, its Highly Efficient Design Takes
60% Less Counter Space Than Other, Bulkier Units

Razor-Sharp Blades Cut with Trouble-Free Precision,
Thanks to a Unique Self-Lubricating Track Material that
Resists Misalignment Problems that
Cause Nicks and Broken Blades

Vertical Handle and Protective Guards Improve
User Comfort and Safety

Cleans up Quickly and Easily

Scalloped Blade Option Available on All Models

         Model                               Description                    Blade Type          
        55600-1                                 3/16"                          Smooth                  
        55600-2                                 1/4"                            Smooth           
        55600-7                                 7/32"                          Smooth           
      SC55600-1                               3/16"                        Scalloped
      SC55600-2                               1/4"                          Scalloped
      SC55600-7                               7/32"                        Scalloped

Compact, Efficient, Easy to Use
and Even Easier to Maintain, with its
Pretension Cartridge Blade Assembly is
Safer and More Convenient than Ever!

The Newly Designed Blade Set Stays Properly Aligned
and Tightened Without the Need to Adjust it

an Ergonomic Handle,
Microban Side Board Hand Guards,
Self-Lubricating Track,
Rubber Feet and a Table Stop like its Predecessor

Accommodates a Larger Tomato than
the Original Easy Tomato Slicer

         Model                                Description                           Blade Type                 
        56600-1                                  3/16"                                 Smooth                   
        56600-2                                  1/4"                                   Smooth                
      SC55600-1                                3/16"                               Scalloped
      SC55600-2                                1/4"                                 Scalloped

Easy Operation, Provides Uniform, Precision Dicing

Cuts Onions 5-Times Faster than by Hand
Up to 100# in Only 45 Minutes

Unique 2-Way Cutting Action Dices and Slices at Once,
to Minimize Handling and Provide Cleaner Cuts,
Producing Crisper, Juicier Shapes
Consistent Output Increases Yield and Reduces Waste

Constructed of Rugged Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel
and Engineered Plastics for Years of Dependable Service

lds Onions up to 3-1/2" in Diameter

       Model                                                Description 
       55100E                                          1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4"              
       55100E-1                                       1/2" x 1/2" x 1/4"
       55100E-2                                       1/4" x 1/4" x 1/8"


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